Volunteer Requirements

Health care providers who would like to volunteer time and service to MSU Care, need to fulfill the following requirements. Please submit the following documentation electronically, and complete the online Volunteer Application. Send supporting documentation electronically (by email) to the McQueary College of Health and Human Services.

Requirements for All Healthcare Providers

MSU Requirements

  • Curriculum Vitae (current)
  • Proof of negative TB status or chest X-ray in the last 2 years
  • Documented immunity to Measles, Mumps, Rubella by titer or 2 MMR immunizations
  • Varicella titer or immunization series
  • Hepatitis B-evidence of vaccination (series of 3) or immunity by titer
  • Current influenza virus vaccine
  • License - Physician or RN and APRN document of recognition
  • MO healthcare provider registry
  • CPR-AHA healthcare provider
  • Drug screen
  • Background check

Mercy Requirements (in addition to above requirements)

  • EPIC training
  • Credentialing packet completed (emailed by Mercy Credentialing)
  • VPM request from office manager
  • Shadow Dr. Bumberry (for MSU 1000 hour employees)
  • Sign Collaborative Practice Agreement (for NPs and PAs)
  • MSU Care Orientation PowerPoint with certification of completion

Once all supporting documents are submitted and approved, providers will gain access to the Provider Portal to sign-up for working shifts.